Some helpful hints:

Shoppers most frequently create a New Request, as:

  1. Under "Shopper," verify that your default info is correct.
  2. Under "Other info," verify that the default checkbox selection is correct.
  3. Under "Funding," select Amount range, Chart String(s). Then change distribution, if needed.
  4. On Next page, choose if you want to build a cart here or upload a quote/cart.
  5. Enter Supplier, Quote# date, Amount, upload selected quote/cart file. Optionally, upload other quotes, if any.
  6. If building a cart here, add items line by line. Click Submit when done.
  7. You can monitor the status of all you orders here.
  8. Once the request is in the pipeline, only admins can make changes. Shoppers can always add comments.
  9. A set of a dozen LEDs give order status. Hovering over each LED and its color indicates status of the purchasing process. Clicking on them will show details.

Click here for detailed help with screenshots as examples.

Please report problems and feedback to Purchasing_Phy@Princeton.Edu